Silvio Berlusconi and the ‘democratic’ 2008 election campaign

The elected senator and member of Berlusconi’s party of ‘people of freedom’ Guiseppe Ciarrapico

If you want to know WHAT controls the European media…

These are all statements of Silvio Berlusconi himself in the weeks before the 2008 elections.

Silvio Berlusconi assures a few weeks before the elections that there is no place in his coalition for persons with a criminal past or with mafia connections (an exception is made for political crimes)

A few days before the elections, Berlusconi remembers one of his previous plans: submit judges at regular times to psychiatric examinations .
Under the previous government of Berlusconi, there were plans to change the juridical system radically and the above suggestion was one of the hot topics.

Silvio Berlusconi says that, in case of a possible victory, the as neutral regarded president Napolitano will have to make place for somebody of his coalition.

Silvio’s right hand and co founder of Forza Italia has another plan.
Senator Dell’Utri (involved in numerous scandals and several times convicted in mafia related crimes) thinks that the history books about the role of the resistance in the second world war have to be changed.
He wants a review of who were the real heroes.
Silvio Berlusconi was at 25 April (national feast of the liberation) not present at the festivities like he has never been in the past.

The late Enzo Biagi was a famous and everywhere respected journalist.
Enzo Biagi was one of the journalists that had to leave the RAI after the so-called ‘Bulgarian diktat’ of Silvio Berlusconi.
He was accused to make a criminal use of television.
Silvio Berlusconi claims until now that Enzo left the RAI out of free will
and that he did it for the money.
Senator Dell’Utri   comes with another statement.
He defines a ‘real’ hero: Vittorio Mangano , part of the mafia, an impressing curriculum.
Vittorio worked several years for Berlusconi as ‘horsekeeper’ at his villa(although it seems that there were no horses…)
This man has been defined by the judge Paulo Borsellino as the mafia link to North Italy .
Borsellino died two months after this statement in one of Italies most brutal bomb attacks.
Dell’Utri says literally that ‘Mangano was a hero because he never confessed under pressure compromising things about Berlusconi or Dell’Utri ’.
Silvio Berlusconi confirms this the following day( video on YouTube )

Silvio Berlusconi gets a lot of critics because the business man and newspaper owner Ciarrapico , who is part of Berlusconi’s party, is a convinced fascist and brings until now very proudly the fascist greetings.
Guiseppe Ciarrapico is not only an editor of very dubious press releases but has been convicted for numerous crimes.
Silvio Berlusconi says that the fascist sympathies of Ciarrapico are details and that this man is useful to his party because he owns journals and magazines.

Guiseppe Ciarrapico(see picture), as well as Marcello Dell’Utri, and many others with a criminal past and accused of mafia connections are now senators in the Italian parliament…


The EPD (European christian democratic alliance) and Barroso are more then willing to welcome Silvio Berlusconi and his party ‘people of freedom’ in the European parliament.
Can Silvio Berlusconi be suspected of any ethical or political principles?

Will Europe follow the ‘democratic’ roadmap of Silvio Berlusconi?


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