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Recent Italian history(1990-2008): Italian politics, Silvio Berlusconi and the mafia

July 25, 2009

’Who has fear dies every day. Who has not, dies only once…’
Judge Paolo Borsellino(RIP)
“Who has fear dies every day, who has not dies only once”

On 8 april 2008, a few days before the elections, Silvio Berlusconi confirms that the life sentenced gangster Vittorio Mangano was a hero because he refused to say under pressure false things about Silvio Berlusconi or senator Marcello Dell’Utri( video on Youtube )
Vittorio Mangano worked several years for Silvio Berlusconi at his Villa at Arcore(Milan) as stablekeeper.
Vittorio was introduced by Marcello Dell’Utri , Silvio’s right hand since years and several times convicted for crimes or connections with the mafia(sentenced in 2004 to nine years by a Palermo court on charge of “external association to the Mafia”)

In his last interview(19 may 1992), judge Paolo Borsellino described Vittorio Mangano not as a little fish but as the mafia bridge(‘il ponte’) to north Italy.
Paolo Borsellino, together with his friend judge Giovanni Falcone , was in that time fighting a hard battle against political corruption and mafia.
This interview has only been sent out on one satellite television channel ( video and written version )
He talks about the fact that the mafia is very interested to invest their money in the business world and tries to penetrate.
Furthermore he mentions that there are more running investigations involving Mangano, Berlusconi and senator Marcello Dell’Utri

Four days after this interview, his colleague judge Giovanni Falcone dies in one of the most brutal bomb attacks ever.
This man had to die, 100 meters of highway were destroyed in the ‘strage di Capaci ’.
Two months later, Paolo Borsellino dies in again another brutal bomb attack.
’ Who has fear dies every day. Who has not, dies only once…’ was his belief .

Borsellino and Falcone were murdered in full ‘ mani puliti ’ time.
The classic political parties like the Christian democratic and socialist party were destroyed by corruption scandals.
Where in the past, many mafia pentiti had declared that there was a relation between the governing parties and the mafia, there was now no political partner anymore.

In 1993 Silvio Berlusconi entered the political field.
Together with Marcello Dell’Utri , a new party was formed in december 1993, Forza Italia .
Everywhere in Italy, local sections were raised in a few months and four months later, Silvio Berlusconi won his first elections with Forza Italia.

And the story continues…

Recent declarations( Massimo Ciancimino 10/09/2009 ) during the appeal trial of Marcello Dell’Utri(*)) confirm that the biggest mafia boss ever, Bernardo Provenzano, contacted several times Silvio Berlusconi.
Several letters all send before, during and after the mafia bombings and killings of 1992.
Anti mafia judges Borsellino ( who declared a few weeks before his death that there were several running investigations about Berlusconi and Dell’Utri ) and Falcone were murdered and  then suddenly the mafia bombings stopped…

Silvio berlusconi together with his friend Marcello Dell’utri founded Forza Italia  in a few months and won the elections.
In 2006, Silvio Berlusconi lost the elections after a very ‘turbulent’ election night.
Three hours later, at 5 AM in the morning, Bernardo Provenzano, the biggest mafia boss ever, was arrested…

* sentenced in 2004 to nine years by a Palermo court on charge of “external association to the Mafia”


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