Silvio Berlusconi:A threat for European democracy?

Silvio Berlusconi and his organization have understood very good that if you control the media, you can
act undisturbed and they are not only interested in the Italian media…

Silvio Berlusconi has build his media imperium using the publicity market.
If you control the publicity market, you indirectly control all newspapers, TV stations, internet providers…

Did you know that the European variant of his publicity firm ‘Publitalia‘ is
Publierope ( ) and that it takes care for the publicity on the
British Channel 4, the German Prosieben, the Dutch Veronica and many many more European channels?

All other European channels and media can be tracked at the Publierope site (look under ad-opportunities)

Did you know that the Spanish Telecinco and the media giant Endemol( ironically enough the producer of ‘Big Brother’)
are almost totally in his hands?
And that there were plans in 2008 to take over the biggest Brtish independent media giant ITV?

Will Europe follow the current faith of Italy?

Organized crime is very interested in European business( interview Rita Borsellino ) and if you control the media,
you can act indisturbed.
By coincidence, Silvio Berlusconi and his organization are not only interested in the Italian media but also in the European media.

If you have absolute mediacontrol, you control people’s emotions like fear or anxiety.
You can make people afraid of muslims, gypsies, immigrants or whatever you want.
You can send the army on the streets and let people believe that they are really in danger.

In the meanwhile, there are numerous members in the Italian parliament that have been convicted or accused of mafia connections and Silvio Berlusconi made himself untouchable with a hasty voted law.

The EPP, together with Barroso and Wilfried Martens, is more then willing to welcome Silvio Berlusconi and his ‘people of freedom’ party in the European Parliament.
Can Silvio Berlusconi be suspected of any ethical or political principles?

Will Europe follow the ‘democratic roadmap’ of Berlusconi and Putin?


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