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Help Europe! Silvio Berlusconi takes over the European media!

June 11, 2008

The elected senator and member of Berlusconi’s party of ‘people of freedom’ Guiseppe Ciarrapico

Silvio Berlusconi has build his media imperium using the publicity market.
If you control the publicity market, you indirectly control all newspapers, TV stations, internet providers…

Did you know that the European variant of his publicity firm ‘Publitalia‘ is
Publierope ( ) and that it takes care for the publicity on the
British Channel 4, the German Prosieben, the Dutch Veronica and many many more European channels?

All other European channels and media can be tracked at the Publierope site (look under ad-opportunities)

Did you know that the Spanish Telecinco and the media giant Endemol( ironically enough the producer of ‘Big Brother’)
are almost totally in his hands?

And that there were plans in 2008 to take over the biggest Brtish independent media giant ITV?

Silvio Berlusconi and his organization are not only interested in Europe and try to expand their media influence worldwide.
Marcello Dell’Utri, very good friend of Berlusconi and co founder of Forza Italia, has been leading Publitalia for years.
Marcello has been convicted for several crimes (sentenced in 2004 to nine years by a Palermo court on charge of “external association to the Mafia”)
Marcello introduced Vittorio Mangano to Berlusconi in the early seventies and Mangano worked for several years at Arcore as ‘stablekeeper’.
In 1992, just before Silvio Berlusconi entered the political field,  Mangano was described by judge Paolo Borsellino not as a little fish but as the mafia bridge(‘il ponte’) to north Italy.
In his last interview , he mentioned that there were more running investigations regarding Berlusconi, Dell’Utri and Mangano.
Two months later, Borsellino and his colleaque Falcone were brutally murdered.
These men had to die… 100 meters of highway were blown up(strage di Capaci) to do the job.

In december 2010 Mediaset took over the Spanish channel Cuarto and is now, just like in Italy,  the biggest mediaplayer in Spain.
And not only they are interested in TV, they now have an indirect control over the publisher firm Prisa which amongst others publishes El Pais, one of the few remaining progressive European newspapers that disturbs Silvio Berlusconi since years.

Why didn’t we read anything about that in our media?

Did you notice that latest years investigative journalists are a dying race?
Maybe it’s not a bad idea to draw a clear map of the current media concentrations in the world.

What has been happening in Italy over the last 15 years, has already started happening in other European countries now.
It’s not a coincidence that Berlusconi, during the ‘Mani Pulite’operations decided to ‘dedicate’ himself to politics.
This gentleman only objective is to polarize and disrupt society for his own comfort.
Divide and rule…


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